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Feeling a Caffeinated Experience

Feeling a Caffeinated Experience

Posted by Jon Albrecht on Oct 13th 2019

What's so different about Longboard Coffee?

I think because I learned to roast on a machine from the 1930’s (or there about) that gave me a completely different perspective and appreciation on how I should approach roasting. This turn of the century machine is the heart of Rostov’s, Richmond, VA's oldest roaster.  The difference can be noticed in how it uses a thermal gun and the drum is perforated. This technique is very uncommon in a commercial roasting setting. I would say learning this way helped me to distance myself from the added technology introduced to the industry and rely more on sight, sound and smell. This makes for a truly artistic experience that will translate to every cup poured.

I don't use any software for my profiles, just a pen and paper. In the beginning it was trial and error but I think we learn more from our failures than successes.

This allows for the coffee to be the main focus at all times. How it should be in my opinion. Really the only other thing I do while roasting is listen to Chris Stapleton, 2000’s hip hop, or maybe some Matisyahu. ;)